Carlos Castaneda 

An American author and shaman with a Ph.D. in anthropology. 

Tensegrity® was developed by American author, anthropologist and shaman, Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts, Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau. 

Castaneda, starting with The Teachings of Don Juan, wrote a series of books that describe his training with his shaman-teacher, don Juan Matus, who taught him everything he knew about energy, how to cultivate it within ourselves and then use it in our everyday lives.

Those 12 books have sold more than 28 million copies in 17 languages and have become the source for helping millions of people manifest the life of their dreams, by bringing the once closely held knowledge and wisdom of the Toltec shamans to anyone who desires an extraordinary life.

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"The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average person. The average person seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence.

The warrior seeks “impeccability” in their own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average person is hooked to their fellow people, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity."

- Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda

Fellow Travelers of Awareness

Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau

Along with his cohorts, women who undertook the same shamanic journey with don Juan Matus as himself, Dr. Castaneda founded Cleargreen, an organization that promotes Tensegrity®.

As the realization of their wish to make available to anyone the practical tools they wrote about in their books, Cleargreen is the official source of their work and sponsors live and online experiences and certified trainings internationally.

Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity® is taught, practiced and utilized around the world to help people live extraordinary lives.

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