Tensegrity Certification | 2023 | Level 2

Your journey continues now to include others!

In Level I, you began to see yourself in a non-judgmental way. Now in Level II, you will begin to view your patterns and filters as they are shaped by your relations with others.

Navigating Past the enemy of Clarity - the surety of how you perceive your world – you become capable of entering different realities.

You will learn and teach your students:

How to combine movements into a practical exercise meant to assist you in BEING yourself in your relationship with others including;

  • Building better romantic relationships
  • Clearing your filters of mother
  • Clearing your filters of father
  • Clearing your filters of groups

You will gain:

  • A 12 month immersion into a modern day Tensegrity® apprenticeship path
  • Insight into who contributed to your entry to Tensegrity®
  • How your relationship to money contributes to self-esteem
  • Self-awareness in relationships
  • Exploration of contributions from your maternal line.
  • Exploration of contributions from your paternal line.
  • Exploration into your behavior in groups.
  • Moving past your assumptions and into multiplistic perceptions/realities
  • Handling practical and theoretical Tensegrity® questions of your students


Requirements for Certification:

In addition to completing the assignments and classes, you will be required to attend:

  • 1 Premier Tensegrity® Event
  • 1 Individual session with an Instructor of Tensegrity®
  • 2 Small-Group Sessions with an Instructor of Tensegrity®
  • A Certification Event — online or live

This Level II Certification series begins on February 1, 2023, and all of the requirements are to be completed by January 31, 2024.



Cancellation policy:

There is no cancellation of subscription once it starts.

Subscriptions are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you subscribed to the 12 month payment plan, payments will be taken automatically on the same day of each month starting on your registration day. If your payment does not go through on the first attempt, you will receive an email notification, and our system will make three more attempts within 15 days to collect the monthly fee before automatically cancelling your subscription.

If your subscription is cancelled, and you wish to re-enter the program at a later time, please wait till the next round of Level 2 Certification to apply for readmission.