Tensegrity Certification | 2023 | Level 4

Impeccability & Leadership

In Level IV, you will undergo an 18 – 24 month journey which begins with advanced recapitulation. The hallmark of an effective leader is emptiness of ego … lack of taking things personally … letting go of “I know” and moving into “I explore.” With this newly acquired sobriety, you will be able to lead yourself first, embodying that which you will later model for others.

Using modernized versions of many of the same techniques and principles employed by Carlos Castaneda with his apprentices, this path will help forge you into a Modern Day Tensegrity® Leader.

Through this process, You will lose:

  • Your preconceptions about Carlos Castaneda, his work, and yourself in regards to his work
  • The need to take yourself so seriously 
  • Your main underlying ego strategy or ‘one trick’ and learn how to hold it in check
  • Dogma: The tendency to lay down principles as incontrovertible truth, without consideration of evidence or other perspectives and perceptions
  • Rigidity: Resistance to change
  • Your attachment to your secrets
  • Needing to lead or be thought of as a leader or person of knowledge

Through this process, You will gain:

  • An 18 - 24 month immersion into a modern day Tensegrity® Leadership one-on-one apprenticeship path
  • Ability to engage and embrace ambiguity and live the multiplicity of ‘reality’
  • How to navigate and solve different scenarios – the kind that come up daily within the Tensegrity® community
  • Lead 2 volunteers through a change process to solve practical problems using Tensegrity®
  • The ability to stand your ground from neither a defensive nor superior position
  • How to teach Core Castaneda Training to Level III Certification candidates
  • Confidence in being able to apply Tensegrity® to your life to solve daily challenges 
  • Self-Esteem: Confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect without ego
  • The ability to allow those around you to grow without being prescriptive nor having it affect how you feel about yourself
  • Being a member of a select team of Tensegrity® leaders

Similar to the one-on-one apprenticeship path that Carlos employed, together we will embark upon a journey of preparing you to become not only an entrusted teacher of the work, you will become the future leaders of Tensegrity®. 

Requirements for Certification:

"A Leader is revealed through their actions"

— Florinda Donner-Grau

As with any apprenticeship path, graduation will depend upon going beyond memorizing or compiling a script. It is measured by how well the student has learned, embodied and is living what is being taught to them ... their actions.

Throughout this program, you will be presented with various, unannounced surprise exercises. Some will be presented to all students. Some will be individually selected based upon the unique needs of that student.

You will be evaluated by your progress ... revealed by your actions in and outside of the apprenticeship environment. You will be required to attend 1 special Leadership-Only in-person intensive workshop experience and successfully lead your volunteers in practical dreaming, as well as attend 1 Premier Tensegrity® Event.

This Level IV Certification series begins on February 1, 2023, and all of the requirements are to be completed by January 31, 2025.



Cancellation policy:

There is no cancellation of subscription once it starts.

Subscriptions are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you subscribed to the 12 month payment plan, payments will be taken automatically on the same day of each month starting on your registration day. If your payment does not go through on the first attempt, you will receive an email notification, and our system will make three more attempts within 15 days to collect the monthly fee before automatically cancelling your subscription.

If your subscription is cancelled, and you wish to re-enter the program at a later time, please wait till the next round of Level 4 Certification to apply for readmission.