Tensegrity Certification | 2024 | Level 5

Thriving in the Unknown | Experiencing the Unknowable 

For years, we have acquiesced to the wishes and desires of our community to teach shamanic dreaming.  We have produced workshop after workshop ... yet few of our participants were able to embody what we were teaching.

Dreaming — awake or asleep, takes time, discipline and continual training in order to dissolve one's reality to transform from ego-based living and dreaming to the state required to delve into the unknown and touch the unknowable.

That is one of the driving forces behind the new Tensegrity® Certification path and the addition of Level IV training.  By the time our students have graduated from Level IV Certification, they have let go of themselves sufficiently to be able to achieve those states of dreaming that Carlos described. They've done the work and are completely unphased by inconvenience and unfamiliarity. 

Your Level V Certification path takes you on a 24 month deep dive journey into advanced shamanic dreaming.

In the first 12 months, you will focus on dreaming awake, or seeing ... as you build upon the cleaning and shifting progress you made in Level IV.

In the second 12 months you will hone the art of dreaming asleep ... evolving through ordinary dreaming to seers dreaming, by developing the skills and discipline needed to safely and powerfully navigate the 4 gates of dreaming along with other gates which Carlos only taught to his apprentices.

All of this occurring while continuing to break through your one reality; allowing you then the freedom of multiplicity ... the fluidity of being ... through accessing multiple perspectives via numerous and diverse personas and dreams.

Prerequisites: Tensegrity® Level IV Certified. After registration, you will be interviewed by Cleargreen to ensure that you are ready to embark upon this journey, and if not, what would need to occur before acceptance into the program.

This Level V Certification series begins on February 1, 2024, and all of the requirements are to be completed by January 31, 2026.



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